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GoldCoast Longboards and Skateboards are built in Salt Lake City by guys and girls who love to skateboard. We are the Design Leader in Skateboarding™ and it’s our goal to produce the best skateboards, longboards, and cruiserboards in the world. We use custom designed components. All our longboard and skateboard trucks, bearings, and wheels are designed by us and engineered to our demanding specifications. When you buy a GoldCoast, whether it’s a dropthrough longboard, cruiserboard, pintail longboard or skateboard, you are buying the best. If you have any questions on what longboard is right for you, we’re here to guide you into the shape and configuration that will get you sliding, bombing, racing, or cruising just the way you want. Our updated online shop has the newest GoldCoast Longboard designs, right at your fingertips. Own Your Roll, Roll Your Own!