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GoldCoast Skateboards stands behind its product. For 3 years. That’s some heavy commitment. If your product fails due to a manufacturer’s defect, we’ll replace it. If it was your fault, (hey, shit happens, we get it.) we’ll do our best to get you back on a board at the very lowest possible cost to you. Register your product below, so we know what to look for if anything happens.

Warranty Registration

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14 replies on “Warranty Registration

  • Danny Smith

    sick board love the truck design at the front and back of board! good feel to it nice n wide ….I got the field DT Gold Coast 36 inch….PERFECT! ! d·u·b

  • Michael King

    Hey I’m new to Longboarding and I bought this longboard from Hastings not really knowing what to look for. In my excitement I rode it around a bit before finding that the deck was considerably warped. I’m not sure if Hastings will let me return it or not but I think something like a warped deck would fit into your warranty? If so I would be happy to send it in because I really like this board.

  • rachel

    I just bought my first skateboard from vans.Hoping it last at least 3 years , if not my warranty is good for 3 years .

  • Itay Schneider

    i bought from tillys.com your bambo deck 28′ crusier classic and i road it the last day and one from the first wheels fell of and beacuse of that 2 parts fell too , thay hold the skateboard ,the parts from the back are all fine
    can you send my new ones

  • R

    You guys should really increase the age range options for your warranty form. Nothing like making me feel old! It tops out at 30 yrs. My husband and I ride regularly and we are 46 & 47 yr old. It’s a regular family activity around here! Love the new board by the way!

  • Richard

    You do realize that you have customers older than 30 yrs old right. Need more age categories on your warranty registration so you can keep track of who is spending the $$. Love the look and feel of this board and can’t wait to really test it out. 49 yrs old by the way

  • farhang sabir

    Every time I try to look up the borad I ordered from GC website. it doesn’t tell me witch kinda bearings like if there abec 5/7/ or 9 it comes with or even the stiffness of the bushings like soft medium or hard bc that’s something I’d like to kno!! Oh the complete I ordered is the UTe proud drop though so can u guys send me the details of what abec the bearings are and witch 1’s like the VHS or the other u u guys make and the soft medium or hard bushings thank u very much u guys make very highly Quality borads trucks and the shreddboots wheels r just awesome:)

  • Brian oswald

    Just bought my new board and I fell in love with it the moment I put wheel to concrete. Nice flex to the board, plenty of length to shift my weight around and I can carve without getting wheel bite


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