Slap Stick Walnut Cruiser

GoldCoast Slap Stick Cruiser
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Product Description

The Slap Stick Cruiser is no laughing matter, as a good cruiser board is a must have for any quiver, and this board takes its job seriously. Engineered with the skater in mind, the kick tail helps you slap out all of your favorite tricks. We finished the deck with a micro-veneer of rich maple for a look so classy it should come with a monocle. With C30 Century Trucks and our sliding Burn Outs 58mm Wheels, this board handles well at high speeds and turns sharper than a Smart Car in San Fransisco. Combine that with the clean design, exotic wood, and an arrow directing you forward, the 31” Slap Stick will GO whichever way you point it.

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