Goal! Series Korea Pintail Longboard

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Inspired by the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and how the tournament brings the world together every 4 years, we created the GOAL! Series Maple Pintail Longboards to celebrate how skateboarding brings people together every single day. With that unifying power in mind, these 40”, 7 ply maple longboards represent the countries in which GoldCoast can be found around the world. This is the eighth time the Korean Taeguck Warriors have qualified for the World Cup, and maybe we should have named this board The Red Devil after their official fan group and for the red Shred Boots 70mm Wheels that are center set and shaped for all around sliding, carving and riding. Represent The Reds on this devilish pintail with “W” concave on the deck to give your foot a comfortable pocket and better leverage for your turns while the carvy Century 177mm Reverse Pivot Trucks respond for epic cruising. A micro veneer of rich walnut gives this longboard a luxurious look.

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