Salvo Cruiser Skateboard


  • -27″ Long x 7.5″ Wide
  • -15″ Wheelbase
  • -5 Ply Bamboo/Maple Hybrid
  • -Clear Grip Tape
  • -Cherry Bomb Wheels, 60mm, 78A
  • -Century C30 Regular Pivot Trucks
  • -91A Dual Durometer Bushings
  • -GoldCoast VHS Bearings

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Salvo refers to the simultaneous firing of multiple weapons or a sudden burst of energy. Sky and sea, storm and calm, polka dots and stripes, black and white: the Salvo Cruiser Skateboard offers balance and all about firing on all levels. Stay level on this 27” cruiser board with a lightweight 5 ply Bamboo and Maple Hybrid construction with medium flex balanced by carvy Century C30 Regular Pivot Trucks. Contrasting white and black Cherry Bombs 60mm Wheels and white 93a Bushings are soft enough to absorb any bumps along the ride.  All of this combined makes this one of our longest running cruiser completes in the collection.  Enjoy!

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