The Banana Pintail Longboard Complete


  • 40″ Long x 9″ Wide
  • 24″ Wheelbase
  • 7 Ply Maple
  • Clear and Black Grip Tape
  • Shred Boot Wheels, 70mm, 85A
  • Century C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks
  • 86A Barreled Bushings
  • GoldCoast VHS Bearings


Do you like to monkey around? The GoldCoast Banana Pintail might be just the thing to satisfy that instinctual urge. It doesn’t matter if you’re weaving in and out of cars or cruising between the bars, all 7 plys of The Banana Pintail will be there ready to peel out, and slip into action. The Century C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks and 70mm Shred Boots Wheels are paired with the VHS Bearings to round out the complete for a pintail longboard that you can really go bananas for.


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