The Classic Turquoise Cruiser Complete


  • Dimensions: 28.5” Long X 8.25” Wide
  • Wheelbase: 15”
  • Construction: 7 Ply Canadian Maple
  • Grip Tape: Die Cut Clear
  • Wheels: Cherry Bombs Wheels, 60mm, 78A
  • Trucks: Century C30 Regular Pivot Trucks
  • Bushings: 91A Dual Durometer Bushings
  • Bearings: GoldCoast VHS Bearings

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The Classic Turquoise Cruiser Skateboard is a true blue ripper good for anyone looking for a cruiser board or skateboard. It rides as good as it looks. The deck is 7 ply of Canadian Maple with a wide kicktail and little nose that are perfect for getting over things in your way while being portable enough to use as a daily commuter. Mounted to the deck are the newly designed Century C30 Trucks, which are just as good for carving as they are for grinds. To those are mounted the Shred Boots Cherry Bombs Wheels and VHS Bearings to keep you rolling smoothly.