Shaka Tack Pintail Longboard


  • 44″ Long x 10″ Wide
  • 30″ Wheelbase
  • 5 Ply Canadian Maple
  • Cleart Grip Tape
  • Shred Boot Wheels, 70mm, 85A
  • Century C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks
  • 86A Barreled Bushings
  • GoldCoast VHS Bearings

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The Shaka Tack

Keep it tight while hanging loose.

The Shaka Tack is our 44″ bamboo pintail Floater shape, which has just enough concave to give your feet a nice pocket to sit in while you cruise. Speaking of pockets, when somebody shouts, “Nice board!” you should reach into your pocket, pretend like you’re pulling something important out, and come up with a nice Shaka. It’s like a good vibes magic trick.