Pyrite Freeride Downhill Longboard


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It’s a gold rush! Inspired by naturally occurring pyrite cubic crystals in Ampliación a Victoria Mine, Spain, the Pyrite maple freeride longboard features a graphic with sharp angles of bright colors and reflective coating applied to the sidewalls and the wheel wells. You’ll reflect light wherever you go with the first of GoldCoast’s freeride longboards. Created to push the limits of skateboarding, this 35.5” long, 10.25” wide board with a 20.75” wheelbase gives you plenty of flex and room to maneuver for powerslides. A kicktail provides extra leverage so you can pop those ollies. Matte black Century C80 Reverse Pivot trucks with 92a bushings and 70mm Shred Boots Wheels set you up for maximum turn ability. Pushing your skating to new limits will feel totally natural on the Pyrite maple freeride longboard.