Infinitas Drop Through Downhill Longboard

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Dimensions: 40.5” Long X 10.5” Wide

Wheelbase: 31.75”

Construction: 8 Ply Canadian Maple

Grip Tape: Die Cut Grip Tape

Wheels: Shred Boots Wheels, 70mm, 85A

Trucks: Century C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks

Bushings: 86A Barreled Bushings

Bearings: GoldCoast Rolliroid Bearings

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Live forever, or at least feel like you could. The idea of eternity is difficult to imagine, so we created the Infinitas board to help you. With the longest wheelbase of all our drop throughs and 8 plies of Canadian maple, The Infinitas drop through longboard is a powerhouse of control and maneuverability and an amazing downhill longboard. Transparent dark grey stained outside plies followed by two cyan stained plies create beautiful stripes on the walls, and die cut grip tape shows bits of the orange stain on top. A cyan hourglass cuts down the stained maple grain to turn up the other way, going on forever. Equipped with our Goldcoast VHS BearingsCentury C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks and 70mm Shred Boots wheels shaped for all around cruising and freeriding, you can chase immortality on the Infinitas drop through longboard.