Classic Zebra Downhill Longboard


Dimensions: 38” Long X 1 0.5” Wide

Wheelbase: 31.5”

Construction: 7 Ply Canadian Maple

with Real Zerba Micro Veneers

Griptape: Die Cut Clear & Black

Wheels: Shred Boots Wheels, 70mm, 85A

Trucks: Century C80 Reverse Pivot T rucks

Bushings: 86A Barreled

Bearings: GoldCoast Rolliroid Bearings

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Get in touch with your wild side with our Classic Zebra 38” drop through longboard. With 7 plies of top quality Canadian maple and a micro-ply of exotic zebrawood to top it off, this spin on our classic can’t be tamed. Die cut clear grip tape show the stripy grain on top, and underneath, the hardware creates a responsive combination that looks as good as it rides. Open noses allow you to switch out or tune up your hardware with ease — just slide your white Century C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks on and off without having to completely un- or reassemble. Plus, they just look cool. 70mm Shred Boots wheels with 85a grip the street while our VHS Bearings will get you going as fast as a wild herd. Try as you might to blend in, this Classic Zebra 38” Drop Through Longboard definitely stands out.