Classic Bamboo Cruiser


Dimensions: 28.5” Long X 8.25” Wide

Wheelbase: 15”

Construction: 5 Ply Bamboo Maple Hybrid

Grip Tape: Die Cut Clear

Wheels: Cherry Bombs Wheels, 60mm, 85A

Trucks: Century C60 Regular Pivot T rucks

Bushings: 91A Bushings

Bearings: GoldCoast VHS Bearings

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The Classic Bamboo cruiser combines the graphic and simply beautiful look of our most popular Classic Bamboo 44” pintail with the shape and configuration of our most popular Beacon cruiser. 5 plies of Canadian maple and bamboo construction make this deck lightweight but sturdy. An all white hardware configuration of 60mm Cherry Bombs Wheels with 78a durometer mounted to Century C30 Regular Pivot Trucks with VHS Bearings gives the ultimate carving setup a clean, classic feel. A combination of beauty and function, with the clear die cut grip tape and old school minimalist GoldCoast graphic on bottom, there’s nothing more timeless than a clean cut cruiser. Like a t-shirt and jeans, it’s good to go wherever, whenever.