A Valentine’s Day Guide for Skateboarders

If you’re one of those lucky people that have a significant other who loves to skate with you, life is beautiful. Being able to enjoy the thrill and soul-feeding experience of skateboarding with someone you love is an awesome thing. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we compiled a list of things to spice things up on your “Skate Dates”.

  1. Watch a Romantic Movie. 
Thrashin' Movie Poster

The faces of modern skate romance.

The story of star-crossed lovers gets more exciting with the addition of burning half-pipes, midnight skate jousting, and high-speed, downhill races for love and pro sponsorship. Thrashin’ is The Notebook for Skate Dates.

Thrashin gif

Brolin > Gosling.

2. Add a Little “Roll Play”

Take your date to the highest hill in your area, stand them on the nose of your board, tell them to close their eyes. Hold their arms up to the side, then surprise them by dropping in. They might be a little scared at first, but when you reenact the famous scene in Titanic as you bomb the hill together, sheer panic will be replaced by high-speed romance.

Titanic Layback

It’ll be just like this, but with traffic.

3. Set the Mood. 

A little effort in setting the mood goes a long way, and a Skate Date is no different. It shows consideration, thoughtfulness, and will make your night of romance much more exciting. Start things off by dimming the lights, putting on some music (we recommend this compilation of tracks), and giving your date a massage. There are a lot of so-called, “massage oils” out there, but for a Skate Date, you need to use some good bearing oil for your rub-down. If it’s good enough to get your bearings going, it’s a no-brainer that it will do the same for your date.


Your date should appreciate the innuendo.

Your date should appreciate the innuendo.

Next, it will be time to move things to, “where the magic happens”. This may take a little bit of prep, but trust us, it will pay off in spades. Get a few dozen sets of wheels and spread them over the bed, maybe even have a trail of hardware leading you to the bedroom. Lay your love down on the bed of wheels and then shower them with some more. The sensation of high-rebound urethane falling  gently over their skin is bound to heighten the anticipation of the moment.

Romance, incoming.

Romance, incoming.

4. Put on Something Special.

Now that you’ve stimulated your date’s sense of touch, it’s time to give their eyes something to feast on. Excuse yourself by saying something like, “Let me slip in to something more…radical.” then excuse yourself to the restroom where you’ll shed your clothes and don a pair of C1RCA Chad Muska CM901 shoes, a pair of Blind jeans (cir.1996) and an XXL Duffs T-shirt. This is the Skate Date equivalent of the French maid or Chippendale’s outfit. No one really expects you to dress like that in real life, but this is fantasy, let your date’s imagination run wild!

More cushion for the pushin.

More cushion for the pushin’.

This is the look we're going for people.

Be the physical embodiment of desire.

From there, where ever the night takes you is no one’s business except yours. Feel free to put your own spin on some of these ideas to make them more personal (Osiris D3’s instead of Muska’s, racing leathers instead of jeans, etc). Happy Valentine’s Day!