The New Watershed Skateboard Decks take a dip in The Frothpond



Having skated almost all of my life, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing better than an epic skate session with your friends. It really doesn’t matter in the at all where it goes down or when, just as long as it goes down. In the back yard on a mini ramp, in the streets on a pole jam or parking block, or in at your local skate park on a ledge or euro gap, there’s just no better feeling than being surrounded by good friends when the session is pumping. Everyone is on your side, Pulling for you, rooting for you to stick it and roll away and then you do and everyone freaks out! That feeling, right there, is what I live for and is why I fell in love with skateboarding and its why I’ll always be addicted to it. Working so hard for so long just to get one trick, getting your hands rubbed raw by your grip or getting your clothes thrashed by the concrete. Getting shinners and swell-bows, yelling at nothing, screaming at your board, on the verge of losing your sanity and then, out of nowhere, the magic…you land the trick that made all of that punishment worth it! That is why you do this. That feeling of accomplishment is the reason I fell in love with skating. It’s the most satisfying feeling you can have these days because you earned it after everything you poured into it, you got the reward of landing one trick and tomorrow the same trick won’t be as hard to come by as it was today. No matter how good you are or how many hammers go down has nothing to do with how much fun you have. That’s why, to me, skateboarding is so much fun!

GoldCoast Watershed Skateboard Deck


The skate decks I developed for the “Watershed” series had all these things in mind. They represent everything that is rad about skateboarding. Meant to shred in any environment at any time, I wanted to make sure we had all of our bases covered when it came to the type of skating you could get done. The “Watershed” decks officially come in a Skate shape and a Pool shape, but unofficially they can be skated however the hell you want to see them. The traditional “Skate Deck” shape is 8.5” x 32.5”. The reason behind that size and shape is simple. It’s the exact size and shape I’ve skated my whole life and being the selfish person I am I thought why not start with the most familiar thing I know!? the “Pool Deck” is just an extension or alteration rather of the skate deck. It just features a more blunted nose and a wider tail with longer and wider proportions overall. It comes as an 8.625” x 32.5”. At first glance there’s not much difference between the two decks but if you really understand how dynamic skating is and with the smallest of changes you can create the raddest of things, you start to understand that each shape has its own soul and each soul has it’s own purpose. Both of these decks to me represent all that’s fun with skateboarding. Down and dirty, no nonsense, straight skateboarding at its finest. Traditional in their construction but unconventional in their use. Familiar in every way under your feet but ready to get weird when you decide conventional isn’t your thing. Skating both of these shapes puts a grin on my face as big as the graphic underneath!
As much as the “Froth Pond” in Alex Andrews backyard isn’t considered a pool exactly, it does elicit the same rad vibe that any bowl twice its size would. Hand poured, Hand shaped and man made the “Froth Pond” is every bit as unique as the people who made it. Alex had the idea to drop in on this “Home equity destroyer” last year and with the help of a few close friends saw its completion a few moths back. It’s proven to be every bit as high energy as its owner. It’s rare now a days to find a person like Alex, willing to put friends and skating and having a good time in front of more reasonable things like his home equity, his neighbors sanity or even himself. The “Froth Pond” has proven the idea that there’s nothing better than bringing people together to have an epic time. Skating this mini beast is hard and it dishes back more punishment than it takes. Learning the pond’s secrets is a long and arduous undertaking but one well worth the effort. Many an epic session has gone down there with many more to come. It’s now a destination location in SLC that has given new stoke to the fire. I’m so pumped that Alex dropped in on this project and I’m stoked that he’s opened The Pond to any and all that are ready to get wet! That’s why I think that the “Froth Pond” is a perfect home for “The Watershed” decks.