Teardown Tuesday: The Classic Turquoise Pintail

The Classic Turquoise Pintail is quickly becoming one of the best selling boards in our line. That’s the great thing about the Classic, and why we named it as such. It’s a timeless design that stands out without being gaudy. So what goes in to this terriffic turquoise head-turner? To start, the deck is a 44″ long 10″ wide pintail longboard, made of cold-pressed Canadian Maple, with “W” concave and a little bit of camber. The shape is one of those longboard shapes that belongs in every quiver. It’s a solid cruiser, fun at speed, and carves like grandpa on Thanksgiving, plus it looks pristine with its full turquoise dip. The trucks are white Century C80 Reverse Pivot Trucks, made of virgin, gravity cast, aluminum. Rolleroids bearings are mounted in white Shred Boots 70mm wheels and mounted with the trucks to the deck, giving you a longboard that is short on nonsense and long on speed and style.