Snowboarding’s Not Dead

Snowboarding’s Not Dead!

Our Compadre, Alex Andrews, has been pumping the snowboard and skateboard scene for about 15 years. From the time that he was a little grom winning contests at Brighton, to being Burton’s face of core shop support with Dave Downing, it’s impossible not to have a good time when you’re riding with him. His latest project, Snowboarding’s NOT Dead, with the newly formed Ragdoll Snowboards shows a road trip the Froth Puppy and his dogs took to Arizona Snowbowl, shredding Bryce Canyon along the way. The dope thing about snowboarding in AZ is that you can skate the same day most of the time. The boys busted out their GoldCoast “Death To Summer” Watershed Pool boards and ripped up the cement park, after shredding the frozen park at Snowbowl. Check the edit above and tell us you’re not amped to go out on your snowboard and/or skateboard.