Sick-stine Chapel


The Kaos Temple is a project headed by artist Okuda San Miguel to transform the so-called ‘Iglesa Skate’ to a real temple of art and skateboarding. What we call the “Sick-Stine” Chapel which serves as a functional, indoor skatepark, was covered in Okuda San Miguel’s colorful, geometric murals to give a stunning, psychedelic look. Check the photos below and if you speak Spanish, there’s a cool “how it was made” video too. It’s a shame that in the US there’s not much of this type of architecture to repurpose, and if there is, people seem to just level it and build a new structure. This place should serve as an example of “upcycling” architecture. We want to go as soon as we can. Talk about a great pilgrimage!

Images Via : Design Boom


This gets us so stoked. We wish it was called the Sick-Stine Chapel!