New Longboards, Cruisers, and Shirts

It’s summertime and we here at GoldCoast just launched a new line of Longboards, Cruisers, and T-shirts! Whether you’re looking for a new Freeride board, like the mind-meltingly cool Remex Freeride or a crispy new cruiser like the Rosette, we think we’ve come up with some great new skateboards for you to get wicked with. We’ve also unleashed a new line of t-shirts that are the perfect way to treat your torso. All our shirts are made in the USA by people who love making epic tees. This process of putting together a new line is a group effort, starting from the inspiration for the graphics, refining the deck shape matrix (how many new longboards, cruisers, and skateboards do we want to make) and then putting together the final line. We love to hear feedback, so let us know what you think in the comments below!

New Boards
GoldCoast Lume Drop Through Longboard SkateboardGoldCoast Rosette Drop Through Longboard Complete

GoldCoast Rosette Cruiser Skateboard GoldCoast Lair Cruiser Skateboard

GoldCoast Pluton Color Changing Drop Through Longboard

GoldCoast Remex Freeride Longboard

GoldCoast Lair Pintail Longboard

GoldCoast Classic Drop Through Longboard

GoldCoast Classic Drop Through Longboard


New T-Shirts

GoldCoast Skateboards Separation T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Pump Track T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Get Loose Black T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Ply or Die Green GoldCoast Skateboards Fuse T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Stacked T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Fun Box T-Shirt GoldCoast Cry Wolf T-Shirt White GoldCoast Skateboards Cruise Lines T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Cross Eye Grey T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Chill Shapes T-Shirt Front Graphic GoldCoast Skateboards Burnouts T-Shirt Back Graphic