Korean Longboard Dance Revolution

Longboard Dancing 20151115 from hyojoo on Vimeo.

The great thing about skateboarding and longboarding is that the people that do it, adapt it to their skill and their surroundings. New York skateboarders developed almost their own distinct style, based on the rough, crowded, streets of the city. Pushing fast through midtown traffic in New York is as exhilarating as bombing a big hill in San Francisco. What’s coming out of Korea is not as “gnarly” as some of the downhill runs that longboarding produces, but it’s no less inspiring. Girls like hyojoo have taken to what looks to be stadiums or fitness centers and used the smooth track around the field to be her canvas for some pretty hypnotic dancing. Longboard dancing has not always been in the forefront of “progression” in the scene, but these videos show a great example of what skateboarding and longboarding can be to people. It’s both a literal and metaphorical vehicle for creative expression.


Longboard Dancing 20151220 from hyojoo on Vimeo.

Here’s another video from hyojoo which is light, fun, and totally conveys the spirit of going out and longboarding for fun and creativity. Her fancy footwork is impressive by any standards, let alone by someone who has spent the better part of their lives on a skateboard and can’t pull off one of those pirouette moves. Longboard dancing might not have the risk factor of downhill longboarding, but it doesn’t mean it’s easier!



Styleriders Vacation in Yangyang from StyleRiders on Vimeo.

Finally, here’s a little edit from StyleRiders that showcases the fun sessions people have while cruising and longboard dancing. When looking at skateboarding and longboarding from an outsider’s perspective, it’s not a stretch to think that someone with no exposure to the sport would look at that video and think, “I’d like to try that! It looks super fun.” At the end of the day isn’t that what attracted all of us to longboarding or skateboarding in the first place? Seeing someone do something on a board that sparks that idea that maybe, just maybe, you could get that feeling for yourself and boom, you’re a skateboarder. That’s something we strive for at GoldCoast and it touches almost every product we make. Our goal is to be the vehicle for your creativity, thrills, adventures, and inspiration. We love to find stuff like this.