Holiday Gift Guide 2018

GoldCoast’s Holiday Gift Guide For cool parents – Discount code at end!

Do your kids think that you’re clueless? Well, here’s your opportunity to prove them wrong. The below list is a compilation of some of our personal favorites form the current GoldCoast skateboard, and longboard product line. Pour over this like a finely aged whiskey over ice. We’ll see who’s cool then.

$30.00 Or Less

You don’t need to break the bank to prove you’re rad. We’ve got an abundance of options that’ll leave stockings stuffed, and kids of all ages awe struck. If you shopped early to avoid the madness, and just have a few odds and ends to take care of get odd, and end here. First you’ll need to get your bearings. No, seriously bearings are a great gift idea for anyone who skates, or longboards. Over time bearings accumulate, dust, dirt, sand, water, and general gunk. Sure cleaning, and speed cream prolong the inevitable, but like sand in the hourglass so are the days of your bearings. Our Rolleroid, and Helshredica bearings are the perfect way to insure a smooth roll into the new year. We’ve scoured the world for the highest quality bearings on the market, and offered them up for a fair price. With Two levels of performance to choose from you’ll be able to put a bead, or in this case a ball on who needs what.

Our Rolleroid ABEC 9 bearings offer top tier performance at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality. These bad babies are sure to develop into years of fun.
Our Helshredica Swiss quality bearings deliver maximum precision, encased in minimalist design. From cheese to chocolate the Swiss never seem to miss.
Clothes are always a risk. Individuality is not something youths take lightly. If you’re ready to drop in on clothes we’ve got you covered from head to torso. We’ve hired actual young people to design our clothing line. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Our young people stayed in school, off the hard drugs, and have done their homework. From the finest fabrics, to the sleekest silhouettes GoldCoast Streetwear is where your kids will want to be.
All of our premium tees start as the highest quality blanks, and end with the addition of timeless minimalist design.
Our hats run the gamut of style, ensuring something perfect for everyone on your list.

What to Get Someone who’s New to Skateboarding or Longboarding

Deciding where to start can be a truly daunting task, especially when buying a gift. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. The first thing you want to look at is the life of the person you’re buying for. If they’re just starting they’ll likely be most comfortable on a pintail longboard, or cruiser skateboard. If they’ll just be pushing around the neighborhood, or down mellow hills a pintail longboard is probably the answer. This throws a bit of practicality out the window in that these are boards are between 36” & 44” in overall length. It does however add the benefit of being a large stable platform to learn on. If they’re a commuting, city slicking urbanite you may want to consider a cruiser shape. This allows for maximum portability. Whether hopping a train, Uber, bus, cab, or even swooping a Marty McFly style skitch the recipient of this gift will be set. A Cruiser board’s kick tail also offers the user the option of snapping a quick ollie, to get out of harm’s way. We’ve listed our recommendations below.

The Aesop Bamboo Pintail Longboard is the perfect blend of function and form. Whether out on the prowl, or out for a howl this’ll get you through that dog eat dog world like the wolf of all streets.
The Salvia Cruiser Board is an all cold pressed Canadian maple power house. This board delivers on all fronts. Design, ergonomics, and economics, can you ask for more? That’s rhetorical; no you can’t.

What to get your Longboard Enthusiast

                  This section is for the person on your list that’s already thoroughly immersed themselves in Longboard, and skateboard culture. They’ve likely got a quiver of boards in the garage, and are outfitted from the street up in all things skate. We’ve got a few things here that no true enthusiast can go without. While decks can last a decade or more in some cases, a lot of the other components need to be swapped out as routine wear, and tear occurs. You can get out in front of that. Wheels are a great gift for any serious rider. Urethane is undoubtedly the perfect material for skateboard wheels. That said, it is unlike a fine wine. Over time urethane breaks down. In fact, it’s sort of a thing in longboarding to see how fast you can tear through your wheels. It’s like a destructive badge of honor. The faster you “core” a wheel the more hardcore you yourself are. That being the case your experienced rider could likely always use some sugary new “thane”. We’ve got those bases covered. We’ve got wheels ranging in size from 57mm to 70mm, and durometers from 78A to 90A. That’s something for every board in the quiver. Trucks are an integral part of any skateboard. They can change the entire look and feel of a skateboard, or longboard. We’ve invested years into the development of our Century trucks. Our C80 reverse pivot longboard truck is truly a groundbreaking innovation. Gravity casting virgin aircraft grade aluminum is the secret, and we’re happy to share it, because nobody else in the industry does it. Our trucks can be the perfect gift for your experienced rider. A Drop Through Longboard can be the perfect addition for the experienced rider who’s got it all already. At some point in a collector’s life someone will inevitably ask “How many skateboards do you need?” The reply should always be the same “Just One More.” Drop through longboards are the jack of all trades in the longboard world. From cruising neighborhoods, and city streets, to bombing parking garages, or canyon roads, it’s hard to miss with a drop through shape. The low center of gravity, and wide platform offer up the optimal amount of stability at speed. The cut out shape offers the ability to carve as deep as physically possible without having to worry about your wheels biting. Yes, they do it all, everything under the sun. Did we mention they’re a metric ton of fun?

The GoldCoast Shred Boots are 70mm of super high rebound perfection. With a soft durometer, wide stone ground contact patch, and rounded edges, you’ll be able to handle everything the road throws your way.
The Century C80 Trucks have been designed, and manufactured to the highest standard, and are the high water mark against which all other cast trucks should be measured. With integrated bearing spacers, and counter bored mounting holes these are packed with details that have been overlooked since the dawn of skateboarding.
The GoldCoast Cherry Bombs are our premier cruiser wheel. They’re 60mm of 78A super high rebound urethane. You’ll break away from your squad faster than a toilet that just swallowed low grade explosive breaks away from the wall.
The Infinitas Drop Through Longboard: Forever is a frightening concept. When you’re flying downhill at break-neck speeds on 8 plies of cold pressed Canadian maple all of your existential fears melt away. The Infinitas Drop Through, made to help you lose track of what’s really important.

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