GoldCoast Goes To Sundance Film Festival 2016

Sundance Festival Gift Bag

The goods.

Being from Utah, we get the benefit of great outdoors, close mountains as well as deserts, a great skate scene and, of course, being home to the unbridled fiasco that is the Sundance Film Festival. Every January the small mountain town of Park City is transformed into a glorious mess of scenesters, celebrities, and about 600,000 people more than the city can handle. The good part about it, is that it brings in some insanely good parties.

This year we teamed up with Asics and Jiberish on their private Danny Brown show that they held in their store during the opening night of the festival. They packed the venue with as many people as they could, passed out cold PBR, and had the Fools Gold artist come out and do his thing. They even had Last Suspect there to shoot everything. We gave out 25 special gift bags that offered people, “the Roll of a Lifetime”, featuring our Death to Summer  Pool or Classic Cruiser Deck, Classic Patch Hat, and a few more goodies. We even left a few outside the more popular venues for people to come across.

Sundance Mystery Pack
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The crowd was hyped, the music was great, and it was one of those experiences that makes the whole situation in Park City that much more bearable if you’re a local.