Black Century C80 Trucks

Century C80 Skateboard TruckOne of the most crucial component in a longboard complete is the trucks. Much like the suspension on your car, your trucks will make a big impact on how your board rides. Whether you are into cruising, downhill, freeride, or slalom, the choices you make about your longboard trucks should line up with your riding style. After two years in development we are proud to introduce the Century C80 longboard truck. Made from gravity cast, virgin aluminum the Century C80 trucks are built to last.

Century C80 Skateboard Truck

We started out with a 50 degree baseplate angle, giving you great turning ability at cruising speeds. From there, we added a Grade 8 push press kingpin and double barrel 86a bushings. From there, we mounted the precision cast hanger which features built-in wheel spacers. Lock everything together and mount it up on your favorite longboard and you’ve got one of the best cast longboard trucks in the world.