Longboard Dancing 20151115 from hyojoo on Vimeo.

The great thing about skateboarding and longboarding is that the people that do it, adapt it to their skill and their surroundings. New York skateboarders developed almost their own distinct style, based on the rough, crowded, streets of the city. Pushing fast through midtown traffic in New York is as exhilarating as bombing a big hill in San Francisco. What’s coming out of Korea is not as “gnarly” as some of the downhill runs that longboarding produces, but it’s no less inspiring. Girls like hyojoo have taken to what looks to be stadiums or fitness centers and used the smooth track around the field to be her canvas for some pretty hypnotic dancing. Longboard dancing has not always been in the forefront of “progression” in the scene, but these videos show a great example of what skateboarding and longboarding can be to people. It’s both a literal and metaphorical vehicle for creative expression.

Longboard Dancing 20151220 from hyojoo on Vimeo.

Here’s another video from hyojoo which is light, fun, and totally conveys the spirit of going out and longboarding for fun and creativity. Her fancy footwork is impressive by any standards, let alone by someone who has spent the better part of their lives on a skateboard and can’t pull off one of those pirouette moves. Longboard dancing might not have the risk factor of downhill longboarding, but it doesn’t mean it’s easier!


Styleriders Vacation in Yangyang from StyleRiders on Vimeo.

Finally, here’s a little edit from StyleRiders that showcases the fun sessions people have while cruising and longboard dancing. When looking at skateboarding and longboarding from an outsider’s perspective, it’s not a stretch to think that someone with no exposure to the sport would look at that video and think, “I’d like to try that! It looks super fun.” At the end of the day isn’t that what attracted all of us to longboarding or skateboarding in the first place? Seeing someone do something on a board that sparks that idea that maybe, just maybe, you could get that feeling for yourself and boom, you’re a skateboarder. That’s something we strive for at GoldCoast and it touches almost every product we make. Our goal is to be the vehicle for your creativity, thrills, adventures, and inspiration. We love to find stuff like this.


Our Compadre Noelle has been going on a bunch of adventures in between her stints as a badass stunt woman. She just dropped this edit of her and her bestie taking a day trip to Salvation Mountain, the art installation about 3 hours outside of LA. She, of course, brings along her Classic Turquoise Cruiser and Salvo for little skate breaks along the way. Check it out and follow her channel to see her living the hell out of life!

We teamed up with the good folks at DANG Shades to make a woodgrain print edition of their Classic frame for a special skateboard inspired pair of sunnies. These sunglasses have UV400 protection in the lenses, which also have a blue reflective coating to make sure your eyes are as safe as they are stylish. Get your pair HERE before they are gone, this is a limited release!

Dang Shades x GoldCoast Skateboards Dang Shades x GoldCoast Skateboards

Dang Shades x GoldCoast Skateboards

It’s summertime and we here at GoldCoast just launched a new line of Longboards, Cruisers, and T-shirts! Whether you’re looking for a new Freeride board, like the mind-meltingly cool Remex Freeride or a crispy new cruiser like the Rosette, we think we’ve come up with some great new skateboards for you to get wicked with. We’ve also unleashed a new line of t-shirts that are the perfect way to treat your torso. All our shirts are made in the USA by people who love making epic tees. This process of putting together a new line is a group effort, starting from the inspiration for the graphics, refining the deck shape matrix (how many new longboards, cruisers, and skateboards do we want to make) and then putting together the final line. We love to hear feedback, so let us know what you think in the comments below!

New Boards
GoldCoast Lume Drop Through Longboard SkateboardGoldCoast Rosette Drop Through Longboard Complete

GoldCoast Rosette Cruiser Skateboard GoldCoast Lair Cruiser Skateboard

GoldCoast Pluton Color Changing Drop Through Longboard

GoldCoast Remex Freeride Longboard

GoldCoast Lair Pintail Longboard

GoldCoast Classic Drop Through Longboard

GoldCoast Classic Drop Through Longboard


New T-Shirts

GoldCoast Skateboards Separation T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Pump Track T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Get Loose Black T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Ply or Die Green GoldCoast Skateboards Fuse T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Stacked T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Fun Box T-Shirt GoldCoast Cry Wolf T-Shirt White GoldCoast Skateboards Cruise Lines T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Cross Eye Grey T-Shirt GoldCoast Skateboards Chill Shapes T-Shirt Front Graphic GoldCoast Skateboards Burnouts T-Shirt Back Graphic


Just in time for the dog days of summer the new line of GoldCoast hats are here to keep your dome piece both shielded and stylish. We wanted to use the best materials, progressive fits, and the top shelf design you’ve come to know and love from us at GoldCoast. Whether you’re looking for a traditional snapback, lightweight nylon beach hat, or the popular papa inspired, “Dad Cap” fit, there’s something in this new hat offering for you. The hats are designed after some of our most popular skateboards like the Serpentagram and the Classic or our Burnouts wheels.

GoldCoast Own Your Roll Snap Back Hat GoldCoast Burnout Dad Hat GoldCoast Casual Snap Back Hat GoldCoast Cruise lines Snap Back Hat GoldCoast Cry Wolf Snap Back Hat GoldCoast Get Loose Trucker Hat GoldCoast Cruise lines Hat GoldCoast Love Skate Hat GoldCoast Ply or Die Hat GoldCoast Tracked Out

For 2016 ,GoldCoast partnered with the Vans Warped Tour to be the official skateboard of the tour. We used the Death to Summer decks as a foundation, then worked with the tour to conceptualize a custom grip tape for the deck featuring artwork from the 2016 tour art. The end result was an epic color explosion that is as loud as it is proud. These limited edition skate decks were sent out on the tour for the bands to skate, give away, or mount as an artistic memento of the Warped Tour 2016. We’re so proud to be a part of this tour and can’t wait to see where these boards wind up in the world.


IMG_0420 IMG_0421 Death To Summer Deck Detail


The Rosette Drop Through from GoldCoast.



Power Plants.

The Rosette Drop Through packs a big punch, for a mid-sized longboard. The graphic is inspired by the long shadows that cast over the agave plants in the deserts of Mexico, sessions that last all day and into the evening, and good times out exploring the world. Made of 7-ply Canadian Maple, with our custom “W” concave, this board is responsive with just the right amount of flex to pop you from one carve to the other with ease. The new Century C80’s are custom designed from the ground up to provide a new level of precision to turns, and the Shred Boot 70mm wheels and Rolleroids bearings make your sessions fueled with fun. The Rosette is a great drop through for riders of all abilities, from beginners to experts. Shop the new Rosette Drop Through HERE.



The Classic Bamboo Cruiser could be considered a “Roller Panel” that creates renewable positive energy, fun and delivers maximum smiles per hour. The board is a 28″ 5-Ply Bamboo/Maple hybrid that gives your feet a great pocket to sit with its “W” concave. The Century C30 Trucks are completely redesigned for skate park shredding and epic cruising with a hexagonal hanger for smooth grinds and dual durometer bushings for responsive snap back on turns. The VHS Bearings and Cherry Bombs Wheels make sure you roll as far as possible and keep your stoke tank full. Shop the Classic Bamboo Cruiser HERE


GoldCoast Bamboo Cruiser Blog

GoldCoast The Process Drop Through Skateboard

Are you suffering from “rider’s block”? The condition where your old deck is just killing your vibe? The Process Drop Through from GoldCoast is prescription strength fun to chase away those “old board” blues. The Process is a 5-Ply Bamboo and Maple hybrid twin shape deck with nice “W” concave. It features The Century C80 Trucks, our precision design, gravity-cast trucks. It’s paired with the Rolleroids Bearings and Shred Boots Wheels which make for speedy recovery from the terrible symptoms of rider’s block . Shop the Process Drop Through HERE.


GoldCoast The Process Drop Through Skateboard

GoldCoast The Process Drop Through Skateboard

Slash and Turn.
The Carnales Cruiser is a wildcat in the skatepark and the streets. Seven-ply Canadian Maple deck with a real walnut veneer on the base means this board skates as good as it looks. Artwork by the talented chappy, BeeteethThe Century C60 Trucks are our brand new high precision killers and the VHS Bearings and Cherry Bombs Wheels  are the setup you want when you’re shredding or carving. While supplies last, The Carnales is on sale for just $89.99! Don’t wait, pounce on this deal HERE


to an epic skate trip in New Mexico with @zuriick and compadres. The Carnales cruiser will be available again in January!

Thanks to everyone who made it to the "Carnales" launch party last night. Here's the man behind the graphic, Mr. Dan Christofferson aka @beeteeth, holding the final product!

Here’s the man behind the graphic, Mr. Dan Christofferson aka @beeteeth, holding the final product!