Infinitas Cruiser Subscription


Dimensions: 28.5” Long X 8.75” Wide

Wheelbase: 15”

Construction: 7 Ply Canadian Maple

Grip Tape: Die Cut Black

Wheels: Cherry Bombs Wheels, 60mm, 85A

Trucks: Century C60 Regular Pivot T rucks

Bushings: 92A Bushings

Bearings: GoldCoast VHS Bearings

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Live forever, or at least feel like you could with the best cruiser complete we’ve built so far. The idea of eternity is difficult to imagine, so we created the Infinitas Cruiser Skateboard to help you. 7 plies of Canadian maple construction make this deck lightweight but sturdy. Transparent dark grey stained outside plies followed by two grey stained plies create beautiful stripes on the walls, and die cut grip tape shows bits of the yellow stain on top. Equipped with our Century C60 Regular Pivot Trucks and 60mm Cherry Bomb wheels.  Everyone needs a Cruiser Board in their quiver, make yours the Infinitas..