Skateboarding and Design are at the core of GoldCoast. These two things touch nearly every part of our lives. Design is the language of our creativity, it is the starting point for all our products. We appreciate the awareness of little details in our surroundings, our products, and our designs. Our enthusiasm can not be contained. We want to share stories, ideas, sessions and trips with our peers and want them to do the same with us. The end goal is to have fun. We don’t do what we do for trophies, fame, or titles, we take it easy. Seriously.

GoldCoast Skateboards is a Salt Lake City and California based company specializing in longboards, cruisers, transition skateboards, and fun on four wheels and two trucks. We love the fact that skateboards come in all shapes and sizes. Our approach to our products, whether it is a longboard, wheels, even a t-shirt is to convey a sense of fun with quality design and materials. Our longboards are made from North American Maple or Bamboo, cold pressed, and precision cut. Our wheels are made from our proprietary urethane formula that gives you a consistent, predictable, ride every time. We use Century C80 Longboard Trucks, C60 or C30 Skateboard Trucks on our completes. The GoldCoast Helshredica, Rolleroid, and VHS set the standard for speed and reliability in skateboard bearings. We configure our longboards and skateboards to deliver maximum fun each and every time you take them out.

We assemble our products in Salt Lake City and Amsterdam. To better serve our friends across the globe, we ship the products assembled in Amsterdam to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The Products assembled in Salt Lake City are shipped to Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific. Skate globally, act locally, is our motto. No matter where you are in the world, we should be able to serve you.